Passion for cooking

Are you looking for cake decorating toolsDo you want to make your cakes unique?

Come and explore our cake design equipment to “home bakers” and to anyone who loves designing cakes.

Our cake design tools include, among others, plunger-cutter moulds to make flowers and other creations with sugar, perfect to make your child happy with a fantastic birthday cake.

Other interesting items include our icing and airbrush stencils. These will help you embellish the outer and upper parts of your cake and make nice decorations.

Our various tools for cake design go from markers to decorators (such as the much requested marker for filling effects) to letter and number moulds, from the exclusive and functional pantograph to make strips of dough to a complete range of colourings for sugar paste and airbrushing.

The Casa Dolce line will provide you with many useful baking and cake decorating tools, such as whisks, Push-Up Pops (perfect for parties and birthdays) and professional pastry bags. These instruments will help you fill and decorate your cakes with cream arabesques, curls or with any other creations your imagination fancies.

If your cakes are good, that’s because you’re good, if your cakes are beautiful, that’s thanks to us!