Ice cream stick molds

Martellato has launched WINTER ICE, a new range of ice cream stick molds and ice cream bar molds designed for year-round ice-cream shops, but also for anyone who wants to have a really innovative product on their counters.

The perfect silicone mold to make beautiful covered or simple ice creams on a stick.
Its classic and linear shape allows you to create endless proposals, both sweet and savory.

WINTER ICE is a line consisting of five plastic moulds for making hand-made semifreddo and ice-cream lollies on a stick that customers will buy even when the weather gets chilly.

The company also offers acrylic display stands designed to keep ice-cream lollies in a vertical position and make them look even more attractive.

In addition to ice-cream lolly moulds, you may also be interested in ice-cream sandwich moulds.