Log-shaped cake molds

The log-shaped cake molds and the ice-cream cake molds help pastry chefs create finely decorated desserts, supporting them throughout the entire production process.

With Semifreddo 360°, Martellato offers a Starter Kit including two cylinder-shaped moulds and small yellow discs to keep the mixture from coming out and help remove the dessert once ready. To make de-moulding even easier, the kit includes cut-to-size transparent acetate sheets to line the cylinder, a plastic extractor and a kit for creating inserts.

To decorate semifreddos, Martellato offers a variety of impression mats with spheres, dunes, quilted and floral patterns, as well as a kit with plastic moulds for chocolate decorations.

In addition to Semifreddo 360°, Martellato's catalogue includes several floral mats for spring-themed log cakes and many textures to decorate Christmas logs cakes (Bûche de Noël). Mainly designed for pastry shops and ice-cream parlours, these tools are also perfect for restaurants and hotels that prefer to create their own desserts and offer customers fresh and genuine products.

The range of log-shaped cake molds includes many accessories, among which is Velvet spray suitable to get a velvety effect.

Please download the catalogue to find out the wide range of log-shaped cake molds and ice-cream cake molds.