Chocolate guitar cutter

Guitar cutter, chocolate guitar cutter and ganache cutter are professional tools designed for chocolate artists. Fast and easy to use, they allow you to achieve excellent results.

The catalogue includes the following models.

Ideal for the production of chocolate creams or other types of ganache.
The item includes:

  • a polyethylene base,
  • plastic spatula,
  • two 365x365 h 5 mm frames,
  • two 365x365 h3 mm frames. 

How does it work?
After preparing the mixture, place a silicone Martellato mat under the first frame. Pour the first layer of mixture. Spread it out with the spatula and let it solidify. Add more frames according to the desired thickness. Remove them by first cutting along the border to remove the product.


Suitable for small production, it is indicated for schools, restaurants, ice-cream parlours and chocolate makers.
Thanks to its compactness, it can be easily be placed in small spaces and used only when necessary.
The new interlocking system simplifies and speeds up frame replacement.
It is also dishwasher safe.
The item includes:

  • 22 mm steel frame
  • 24x24 cm plastic base,
  • a steel plate,
  • a plastic spatula,
  • a spare parts kit.

Upon request, Martellato also provides 15 and 30 mm shells.

Watch this video for further information about the chocolate guitar cutter, guitar cutter and ganache cutter.