Chocolate tags molds, chocolate plaque

Are you looking for a tasty way to say “I love you”? Personalize your cake using our polyethylene chocolate plaque moulds.

The balance between resistance and flexibility makes demoulding easier, thus reducing the risk of damaging both the finished product and the chocolate tags molds, that can be reused.

The wide range of messages allows the expert to decorate his/her cake according to the occasion or the customer's needs: the collection includes traditional sentences inspired by text messages, such as "You & me 4ever", or by the "Like" button of a popular social network.

Chocolate plaques are largely used and not only in pastry: specifically designed to decorate desserts, single-serving cakes and ice-cream cups, they are ideal also to serve a cup of coffee with something different from the traditional chocolate.

The product range includes also a polycarbonate mould to prepare chocolate letters and numbers, which are ideal to decorate birthday cake.

Martellato chocolate tags molds and chocolate plaque: the "messages" that invite to tasting.