Pastry tools

Martellato offers a complete range of pastry tools and equipment designed to meet the real needs of professional pastry chefs.

Constantly updated with new products, the catalogue includes reliable, handy tools designed to facilitate the work of pastry chefs.

Below is a list of our main pastry tools.   

  • Stainless steel piston funnel   
  • Graduated bottles, bottle holders
  • Tool for making ball-shaped cookies
  • Tool for shaping small snacks and cookies
  • Cookie cutters with various decorative elements
  • Sponge cake slicer  
  • Grid cutter for tarts  
  • Steel and plastic tongs, sifters and large scoops
  • Acetate rolls, pre-cut strips and sheets
  • Professional brushes with synthetic or plastic bristles 
  • Non-stick mats
  • Cutters, rollers and rolling pins  
  • Stainless steel whisks

Contact us for more information on pastry equipment.