Isothermal food containers

With their closed-cell polystyrene foam structure, our isothermal food containers are durable, inexpensive, suitable for food contact and 100% recyclable (HACCP System). They are odour-free and maintain the sensory properties of food. Easily washed and sanitised after use.


Containers come in the following sizes:  

  • Gastronorm, coming in two heights (h 21 and 28 cm), ideal for carrying ice-cream containers 330x165 mm;

  • standard, 60x40 cm, available in seven heights (h 8, 12, 16, 21, 27 and 31 cm);

  • 50x50 Ideal For Cake, consisting of a base and lid, plus various extensions which determine the height of the container;

  • Front-load Gastronorm (83 l capacity);

  • Standard size 60x40, front loading (128.1 l capacity).


The catalogue includes a wide range of accessories, such as eutectic plates and inserts for the Hot&Cold System.


Have a look at the catalogue for further information about our isothermal food containers.