Thermoformed plastic moulds for cakes

Martellato offers a wide range of thermoformed cake molds, single-serving and plastic cake molds of various shapes and sizes. Also known as reusable thermoformed moulds, single-serving plastic moulds provide the right balance of style and convenience, as the decorative elements engraved in the mould allow for popping out beautifully decorated semifreddos.

Martellato offers a complete range of plastic cake moulds, mini and single-serving moulds featuring high resistance to low temperatures. The latter differ in terms of weight, pan size and shape. In addition to a pan and bars, single-serving mould sets include a cutter and extractor to help remove single-serving desserts once frozen. Cutters and extractors are sold separately.

To facilitate de-moulding and properly store cakes on display counters, the sides should be lined with acetate, available in rolls or pre-cut strips.

In addition to thermoformed cake molds and plastic cake molds, Martellato also produces silicone cake moulds.