Pastry display cases, pastry price holders

Our catalogue includes a wide range of pastry display cases and pastry price holders.


Pastry display cases, cabinets and stands make an ideal solution for storing an displaying croissants, pastries and other sweet products. Suitable for chocolate shops, cafés, ice cream parlours and roadside restaurants, these display cabinets are designed to place products at eye level and attract consumers' attention. In addition, many models are equipped with practical doors for easy access. The catalogue includes cases and cabinets of various shapes and sizes, with two or more shelves, with up-and-over or side-hinged door. 


The following is a list of the main items available in our catalogue:   

  • display cases and trays for chocolates and accessories,   

  • chocolate stands,   

  • display stands for pralines, lollipops and chocolate bars,   

  • acrylic display cabinets for pastries,   

  • acrylic display cabinets for pastries with LED lighting,   

  • warming showcase for croissants,   

  • customisable acrylic sneeze guards.


Martellato also offers various types of price tag holders for pastries, printed in gold or other metal colours, with a classic or edgy design.

Have a look at the catalogue for further information about pastry display cases and pastry price holders.