Versatile, original and easy-to-use: Cake Idea is the new product line by Martellato which allows you to prepare multi-flavoured cakes by combining different modular pastry rings of various size and height.

Thanks to the combinable molds for individual slices, now you can create a cake-based dessert that combines separate elements each with a different recipe, flavour and design. You will be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers who look for modern and multi-flavoured desserts.

Furthermore Cake Idea helps you to try ever new combinations and to display them in shop windows.

The smooth rings allow you to prepare desserts with an even surface which is suitable for the most varied decorations and couvertures, such as icing or "chablonage" (a velvety effect). Resistant and easy to wash, the rings are suitable both for freezing and baking; they ensure even and flat baking. Made of stainless steel, the rings and moulds for individual slices ensure easy removal of the dessert, thus keeping its surface intact. In addition, they maintain the organoleptic properties of the cake itself.

In addition to semifreddo rings, the mould sets also include rings with the insert to place inside and rings for the external tart.